Vibe-Link Technology ™ System Black

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This is the one Vibration Circulation™ system that will do wonders for everyone interested in feeling their best!

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Financing Available


Vibe-Link Technology ™ is now in use all over the United States in homes, offices, and professional health facilities.

The Vibe-Link is a vibration plate that fits perfectly with functional medicine, chiropractic care, physical therapy, med spas, and neuropathy treatment centers.

 Prescribed for: (Spiral Vibration)
• Neuropathy
• Pain Relief
• Osteoporosis
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Improving Circulation
• Depression
Physical Benefits: (Oscillating Motion)
• Muscle Toning
• Weight loss
• Balance
• Flexibility
*The oscillating and vibration modes may be done concurrently or independently*
  • Use it anywhere you can find an electric outlet.
  • Improve your already good health.
  • Recover from and address nagging and painful health conditions.
  • Simply use for as little as 10 minutes a day to relieve stress, sleep better, and feel good!
  • Easy to use display
  • Adjustable vibration controls
  • Buy one for a friend or family member you may care about, too!

Stores really small, Adjustable for kids to adults, Move around easily by tilting on built-in wheels!

5 reviews for Vibe-Link Technology ™ System Black

  1. Danny Marotto

    I recently purchased a Vibe-link vibrating machine. I have been suffering from reduced circulation, particularly in my left leg, due to surgery for DVT in 2010. I have been using the Vibe-link for 20 minutes a day for about six weeks and have not had any swelling in my left ankle for over a month. I have also noticed that I have more flexibility in my hips and back since I have started this regimen. Finally, a result that I didn’t anticipate, I have lost about 9 pounds in the last month. This brought about my best visit to the Liver Institute, where I have been a patient since 2011 for fatty liver. I feel better and really look forward to using my machine every day. My ten year old granddaughter is a competitive gymnast and she loves it after her 6 hour workout daily.

  2. Patsy Williams

    Two years before I got my Whole Body Motion machine my bone density test came back showing I had Osteopenia. When I told my Doctor I had gotten the machine she asked me if I realized it would increase my bone density. I told her I did because my Rep. had told me all the benefits! Well two years later, bone density test, No Osteopenia!

  3. Emily L.

    I suffered from Diabetic Neuropathy for many years. It got worse & worse and quite frankly I was getting scared. My son suggested that I try The Vibe-Link because it worked for some other people he knew and he was absolutely right. My legs have improved greatly and now I never go a day without using my Vibe-Link. I recommend it to everybody!

  4. Richard

    My Vibe-Link has helped me in so many ways. I have poor circulation in my legs and suffer from cramps throughout the day. But after using the Vibe-Link over the course of several months I can honestly say I feel a huge difference in my circulation. Not only that but I also have a huge decrease in cramps. I would highly recommend the Vibe-link to anyone suffering from circulation issues as I have.

  5. Leah

    I suffer from severe lower pack pain from an injury I had as a child. Nothing seemed to help it, and I was losing hope until one day I tried this machine and I have never looked back. The Vibe-Link has worked wonders for my back pain and also has helped me lose that pesky weight Ive been trying to get off for years. Who would’ve thought that standing on a machine for 10 minutes could help you lose weight and tone your muscles?! The Vibe-Link has become a part of my daily routine and I couldn’t imagine my life without it! If you have any questions about this machine, talk with Tony and Joseph! They are so informative and offered some of the best customer service ever! I’m serious though, get the Vibe-Link! It’ll change your life!

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